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Gluttonous Society

We have become a gluttonous society and every thing seems to be done in an excessive manner. We are no longer eating for nourishment but to get more bang for our buck which means more weight on our butts. Every fast food restaurant offers the option to upsize meals for a minimal upcharge and we typically take advantage of it. Basically we are saying yes I'll take the extra large cup of syrup and two pounds of white potatoes. Just because we have an option to get more doesn't mean that we should. We should be eating to nourish our bodies not to get full. On average we are eating more protein and carbs than we need. In terms of Protein I'll use myself I'm 160 pounds and I'm pretty active so I should be taking in about 94.5 grams of protein a day. Using a grams to ounces conversion calculator I only needs 3.4 ounces of protein. If I have a 4 ounce piece of chicken I've met my protein recommendation for the day. This is a CDC recommendation for my weight as an active female between the age of 19-47. Now imagine if I had eggs for breakfast and bacon. Get to know the food that you put into your body!!! Jai's Jewel

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