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Cardio At Home

Cardio Cardio Cardio

I have a ton of equipment at home that allows me to get cardio in. I have a stair climber, vertical climber and elliptical. But here are a list of cardio workouts that you can do without having equipment.

Jumping Rope is a simple and easy way to get a solid cardio workout. Whereas running requires mostly just lower-body strength, rope jumping will get you flexing your upper body muscles as well. It’s a fantastic cardio exercise for fat loss, helping you burn up to fifteen calories per minute.

Running is the oldest form of exercise practiced by humans and one of the easiest fat burning exercises you can do. Running gives you a great cardio workout, builds your endurance and reduces stress in the process.

Walking Lunges are the perfect way to end any cardio workout. They’ll add some strength training to a fat burning exercise routine. They’ll also top off your gym workout, helping you build muscle and shed calories at the same time. The nice thing about walking lunges is that they strengthen your leg joints while simultaneously giving you a cardio workout.

Burpees are a much more intense exercise than running, but offer way more cardio benefits for fat loss. They may be painful, but you’re unlikely to find a better fat burner than burpees.

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