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Spring Into Spring With JWJ

The first day of Spring is this coming Sunday, March 20, 2022. Which means that we are 94 days away from Summer. But my question to you issssssss, Is your body Summer Ready?

If not, Juicing With Jai is here to help you refocus and get back into the swing of things with working out, eating better and slimming those waistlines. We have the 4 Week Plan pdf available, our 30 Day Meal Plan recipe ebook available and we’re at our Brick and Mortar Pressed Juice Bar located at 19550 Grand River Ave. Detroit, MI 48223 3 days a week to cover the nutritional components for you. Annnnnnddddd we’re kicking off the 90 Day Workout Challenge on May 1, 2022. With all of these resources provided by Juicing With Jai we only need you, and your willingness to commit and show up for yourself every day. Are you ready? With warmer weather approaching we encourage you to get out in the sun and walk or go bike riding at a park or track near you. Increase your water intake and incorporate eating your water by stocking up on fresh fruit. Small hacks to help you get Summer Ready this Spring: Pack lunches, have meals planned, know the menu when dining out, ditch the elevator and take the stairs, soak up as much Vitamin D as you can, and remember Water is ESSENTIAL!!!

With Covid mandates beginning to lift a number of people that have worked remotely these last 2 years are being summoned back to their respective offices and workstations. Our lives have been topsy turvy these last couple years and we have to create new normal's. One of my new normal's is INTENTIONALITY. I’ve made a commitment to being intentional about what I eat, physical fitness, what I allow in my space and what energy I receive. I’ve also created a new normal that includes extending myself some Grace. Stop being hard on yourself and remember to take it one day at a time. You Got This!!!

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